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23.8.2019 – 23.9.2019 Galerie Pštrossova 23
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Trinkewitz Karel

T-Shirt Literatur in Hamburg

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Technique Collage technique, paper, glue
Signature Fingerprints on paint
Dimensions 72 x 72 cm
Provenance Collection of an important collector of collages
Note A similar object - "Literatur in Hamburg" - was exhibited at the Kampa Meda Mládek Museum (Karel Trinkewitz (27 February - 15 May 2016).
Dated Around 1990


Typographic collage

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Auction opening date 23.08.2019    21:14
Auction end 23.09.2019    21:14
Auction margin (fee) 24 %
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Video: Museum Kampa - Karel Trinkewitz