Kamil Lhoták / Exhibition Illustrations and Drawing, 29.11. - 9.1.2020 !! EXTENDED UNTILL JANUARY 23RD, 2020 !!

The exhibition Kamil Lhoták: Illustrations and Drawing in the graceful "Gallery Pštrossova 23" near the National Theater

offers visitors a return to the fantasy world of a painter, illustrator, graphic artist, poster author, film artist and writer who does not need to be presented in detail: part of the culture of the Czech nation for more than half a century.

Lhoták's illustration work, which includes several hundred books, dozens of magazines, posters - but also the cover of a record - has become a part of our national gene pool: let's mention eg the stories of Swallows, books by Mark Twain, Adolf Branald, Jules Verne or František Hrubín ...

All these works combine Lhoták's illustrations and his inexhaustible imagination, unusual drawing skills and incredible diligence. At the same time, the expert of Lhoták's work, Dr. František Dvořák said that "he knows the boundaries of individual fields of work and painting does not extend into graphics and illustration is not painting" ... Jaromír Zemina once wrote on the occasion of Lhoták's exhibition in Roudnice nad Labem (1973): "It is said that the measure of human happiness is the amount of work and friends. It is also happiness for us ". Illustrations, drawings and other small works on the exhibition convince us of the truth of this statement.

Galerie Pštrossova 23
Kamil Lhoták: Illustrations and Drawing
29.11. - 9.1.2020 !! EXTENDED UNTILL JANUARY 23RD, 2020 !!
Open Thu, Thu, Fri 13-18
23.12.2019 - 3.1.2020 by agreement
The exhibited artworks are for sale