Unique collection of "inversages"

Milan Nápravník

Sale exhibition



Picture Gallery

Galerie Pštrossova 23 Picture Gallery 04/01/2019 ― 04/30/2019 Auction in progress

Prints and photography

Galerie Pštrossova 23 Prints and photography 04/08/2019 ― 05/08/2019 Auction in progress

Design & Antiques

LUCIEN Design & Antiques 04/10/2019 ― 05/10/2019 Auction in progress

Sale exhibitions

Anna Vančátová

Galerie Pštrossova 23 Anna Vančátová

Kamil Lhoták

Galerie Pštrossova 23 Kamil Lhoták

Milan Nápravník

Galerie Pštrossova 23 Milan Nápravník


People have money and invest them in art. Increasingly and more and more.

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