About us

OriginalArte is a specialized auction house for online auctions and exhibitions.

OriginalArte is a web portal - a platform for trading artwork on the Internet.

OriginalArte offers galleries and curators to directly participate in the culture of the art market in the Internet.
Each gallery dealing with the sale of creative works of art, each curator working in this field
has the opportunity to open its own auction (auctions) or sale exhibition  (exhibitions) on the OriginalArte platform.
The number of auctions or exhibitions is not primarily limited.

Managing owner: Ing. Milan Hofman, tel. 603526288

Project Director OriginalArte:  Mgr. Iva Svobodová, tel. 606399790

Social networks: Bc. Natálie Hofmanová, tel. 731722967

Team of cooperating curators