Come on auction! It is profitable!

People have money and invest them in art. Increasingly and more and more.

It is all. Even those already forgotten artists.

All the academic and non-academic painters and artists whose works were adorned households of our grandfathers and grandmothers, and often fathers and mothers, but who in recent years - when I completed the reconstruction of flats and houses or when we moved to the new - they ended up in the bazaars and antiquarians (at best) or on soils and cottages (less good) or straight in bins and landfills.

That's over now. All the buildup, the soils, the wardrobes, the garages and the warehouse are swept away. We're looking for brushes and polishes and cloths and clean and polish and sweep those dusty and dirty frames, weaving cloths or greasy Thursdays to discover. To return to the light the beauty of the heaven, the often beautiful forgotten works forgotten painters. The poets of the brush, the wizards of those wonderful 20th, 30th or 60th years, we rediscover the messages that they have embedded with their best intentions into their paintings and drawings. Because they wanted to give the beauty to us, the generations that will come, and we are for various reasons they could not accept their message of receiving, reading, enjoying themselves. Just right now. Until now. Now, when the welfare of this country (and its indicator, ie the average wage in this country) is fast rising, suddenly "we have it", suddenly it is worth buying an image, picture, tapestry, suddenly we can not get cheap prints, newspaper clippings, poster posters, we suddenly buy "oil" or "gouache" from an academic painter: "You do not know him? He had an exhibition in Prague (!) And even several times ... The lion's share of this restored market has art auctions, those of stone, but - and more the more - even the internet. Their turnover is already tens of millions of crowns and is rising: we have something to look forward to!

The collectors' backbone is growing rapidly, people are picking up the one or the other, and they love to "catch" and that its price is rising. And she grows, yesterday, for example, an academic painter who painted the same bouquet, sold for five hundred, and now every one of those images is almost 10,000. Everyone understands such an appreciation and does not have to be called Buffet or Kellner.

So collectors: upside down. Several online auctions are over today.

There are hundreds of works in a few hundred Tomorrow, they will be standing. So do not hesitate and come to auction!

mh 02/2018