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1.1.2017 – 15.2.2020 Galerie Pštrossova 23
Lot No.     72    
Mořská nymfa Mořská nymfa Mořská nymfa Mořská nymfa Mořská nymfa

Beneš Knüpfer

Sea Nymph

Time to auction end Auction end
Starting price 19,000 CZK
Starting price in € 730 EUR
Highest bid 19,000 CZK
Highest bid in € 730 EUR

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Auction Lot information

Technique Oil on board
Signature Signed in bottom left corner
Dimensions 30 x 40.5 cm
Condition Perfect
Provenance Private collection
Dated 2nd half of the 19th century

Auction detail

Auction opening date 01.01.2017    15:50
Auction end 15.02.2020    15:50
Auction margin (fee) 24 %
Bidders Count 1
Bid count 1