Železný Adam

Adam Železný puts emphasis in his work on an event that builds his work on the border of applied and free art. For example, the "Blast" (2014) containers were detonated and their shape is the result of a controlled explosion of the mass of ceramics.
The Tabula Rasa project (2015-2017), in which he and his brother, Ladislav Železný, created an audiovisual installation consisting of thin porcelain plates and electronics.
Dynamics and motion recording carry a series of porcelain heads "Self-portrait" (2014).
The success was recorded by Železný in conjunction with his "Wrought Bowls" (2013) collection, applying old-fashioned techniques in the context of contemporary design.
Adam Železný is a graduate of the Secondary Ceramics Industrial School in Bechyně and the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague where he studied ceramics and porcelain in the studio.
He is the head of the Association of Ceramics Artists.
As part of his PhD studies at UMPRUM he is engaged in artistic research in the field of experimental shaping of ceramic objects and vessels.


Source: pramstudio.cz


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