Doležal František

Czech painter, art theorist, curator, critic and publicist, member of the Hollar group and Index.

He was born on July 28, 1910 in Kostelec at Orlica and died on 19 July 1989 in Prague. František Doležal studied painting in Častolovice under A. Hudeček and graphic design in Prague under F. Tichý.
His work represents the peak of Czech surrealism with some tendencies towards the constructivism. A strong inspiration in his work comes from the poems written by Karel Hynek Mácha, with whose work was František Doležal concerned since the 1960s, and under whose influence he painted a cycle of imaginative canvas. DOležal's paintings form a part of the collection of the National Gallery in Prague, the City Gallery of Prague and a gallery of Hradec Králové.


František Doležal

At dawn

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