Roztočil Jakub

Jakub Roztočil is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, the studio of the monumental work of Professor Aleš Veselý. His works are created by applying a layer of colors to the rotating canvas by the author's engineered mechanism. The kinetic gear, depending on the musical rhythm, generates so-called visual synthesis, that is, graphical recording of the harmonic relationship of differently intermingling vibrations. It mimics the universal concept of creation, where everything is subject to the rhythmic order of repetition, intuitively perceived as a link between music, nature, and finally - the universe.

He seeks to create the conditions for the creation of a time-maturing work, whose harmonious structure is disturbed by its physical presence. The synthesis of these two aspects attempts in part to evoke the feeling of searching for elementary questions related to the sense of our existence. He was more interested in imagining the process than imagining opinions, words, thoughts and feelings. He seeks to raise itself beyond one's own individuality: the artist's goal is to take the universal position of a crystalline non-verbal formulation - a simple, non-binding play of quotations of art history, paraphrases, irony, double coding - and visualize or at least visually examine another reality of all intangible things.



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