Vojnárová Jana

* 1982

Jana Vojnárová's current paintings have been the subject of her concentration on the theme of the human figure as a significant motif. The expressiveness of the painter's handwriting and the constant impression of a kind of distancing blur, gives her paintings a flat pictorial plane, behind which, as when looking through a window in the rain, there is a developed pictorial space. Thus, although the figurative pictorial space is separated from us by direct contact with the painter's brush gesture, it is more of a two-dimensional barrier beyond which we can read the developed pseudo-narrative stories of the bodies and beings that inhabit these spaces. This play with compositional bodily relationships leads in some paintings to a looser, even abstract accentuation of the painter's handwriting, which highlights the airiness of the author's flowing painting technique. The genre of a number of similar scenes can be associated with the "puncta" as we know it from fleeting photographic shots. Photographs are certainly a frequent starting point for inspiration here, however, the author's ability to transform their ephemerality into a more firmly constructed figurative and compositional situation is just as obvious. This interest in working with a dictionary of figurative gestures and situations is well demonstrated by the author's work with collage.

Annotation author
    Viktor Čech

Source: Artlist, internet


Jana Vojnárová


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