Grus Jaroslav

Born August 13, 1891 in Pardubice, died October 13, 1893 in Prague. A distinguished personality of Czech painting. He lived in Pardubice until the end of the Second World War. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with prof. Hanuše Schwaiger. She was mainly interested in the landscape marked by technical civilization. From 1972-77 he served as chairman of the Union of Czech Fine Artists. In 1961 he was appointed a deserving artist and in 1970 a national artist. 1975 - National Prize of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, 1976 - Order of the Republic, 1981 - Order of Klement Gottwald In his work he devoted mainly to the Czech landscape. Characteristic is fauvistic color, dynamic strokes and romantic realism. In recent years, its popularity has grown considerably. Source: Pardubický Slavín, Wikipedia, OriginalArte


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