Kovář Jaroslav

Jaroslav Kovář (21. 9. 1905 Brno + 16. 7. 1987 Olomouc) was a Czech architect, painter, designer and graphic designer.

He studied architecture at Brno University of Technology. He devoted himself to designing interiors and realizations in architecture. He lived in Olomouc, magazines published cartoons, created graphic sheets. He exhibited in Olomouc in December 1934 (Club of Friends of Arts), and with the group of young visual artists in Olomouc in 1935 and 1936. The study tours took place in Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

Dictionary of Czech and Slovak Fine Artists 1950 - 2000
New Dictionary of Czechoslovak Fine Artists (Part I, A - K)


Jaroslav Kovář

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