Macht Jiří

* 5.6.1977 Praha

My first published photos were taken in elementary school. In 1996, I passed the school-leaving examination at the Václav Hollar Secondary School of Art and passed the talent exams at the FAMU in Prague, majoring in photography. In 2003 I graduated from FAMU with the degree of MgA. During my studies, I worked most with Professor Vojtěchovský and Associate Professor Rajsík. I have published twenty authorial calendars, mostly from travels (USA, Nepal, Tibet, China, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, Cuba, Thailand, Europe) and from travels with the prominent Czech art historian PhDr. prof. František Dvořák to the most important galleries and cultural monuments in Europe. So far, I have had 30 author exhibitions and my works are represented in collections in Europe, the USA and Asia.


Jiří Macht


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