Nečas Josef Emil

(*8.12.1892 Vavřinec u Blanska, †7.10.1980 v Praze) Czech painter

was born on December 8, 1892 in Vavřinec in a family for the second time (for the second time he was a wage agricultural worker who lived in a rent with a farmer). His father was Josef Nečas, born in No. 25, and his mother, Josef Nečasová, née Novotná, daughter of Kliment Novotný of Sloup from house No. 28 (today the building in which Sloup's Pharmacy is located). Kliment Novotný, who was the grandfather of Josef Nečas, came from the Novotný family, which was very widespread, especially in nearby Němčice. A later chronicler of the village of Vavřinec, Robert Sedlák from Veselice, states in his work Memorial for the Villages of Vavřinec, Veselice, Suchdol and Nové Dvory that I quote: “In 1892, Josef Nečas was born in Vavřinec. After the teacher's advice, he went to learn to be a painter in Přerov, where he also learned to play the violin. Then he went to the Academy of Painting in Prague and went to Paris for further studies. He was one of 9 children and 4 of his siblings died. " Further information about this native of Laurence, who then used the name Emil in addition to his birth name Josef (the signatures on the paintings are in the shape - Emil Josef Nečas) are already very strict. The mentioned name Emil is first mentioned for his person on the registration card from the School of Arts and Crafts in Prague, from which it is clear that he completed 2 years at the said school (1912 - 1913, 1913 - 1914). His teacher was Emanuel Dítě, who worked here as a teacher in the field of figural drawing and painting. This information is obtained on the web from the abART information system (see The mentioned document, which I have in my archive, obtained from the archives of the school, however, he does not provide further information about his possible study and the archive worker expressed the opinion that he probably did not complete his studies. The school, whose name was C.k. The School of Arts and Crafts in Prague was renamed the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in 1945. The same source also states that until 1919 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, under Professor Max Švabinský. Professor Jaroslav Bránský, PhDr., Teacher and translator from Boskovice, in his work Visual Artists in the Blansko District, from 1990 states that I quote: "he worked in Prague, exhibited independently in Pilsen in 1925, created landscape line drawings, still lifes and flowers". Further information can be found on the web, namely that he worked for a year in Paris, two years in Berlin, much of his work was reproduced in magazines, especially in Golden Prague. The information obtained on the website can also be considered a very credible proof that he was a student of Max Švabinský. It is mentioned here in 1919, as one of more than a hundred pupils of this important Czech painter, a native of Kroměříž. There are also copies of paintings on the website, which prove that this native of Lawrence created, for example, in 1929, 1942, 1947 or 1957. Several of his pictures can be viewed on the website in the electronic archive in which the individual volumes of the magazine ZLATÁ PRAHA see This is, for example, the period 1922 - 1925. In order to obtain more information about this person, especially about his work after 1960, I contacted more people working as curators of exhibitions in various galleries and auction halls. For the most part, it was stated on their part that his work appears very rarely in Prague, and although he was a pupil of Švabinský and was also educated in Paris, he was not an author by auction or more sought after. It wasn't even clear from the answers whether he was more of a painter or a graphic artist? Perhaps one of the people in his family could help in further gathering information about this native. The named Josef Emil Nečas died on October 7, 1980 in Prague. According to information from the Ministry of the Interior, his last residence was the house on Národní třída No. 37 in Prague.


Josef Emil Nečas

Vysočina Landscape

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