Hlinomaz Josef

Josef Hlinomaz (October 9, 1914 Prague - August 8, 1978 Split) was a Czech actor, illustrator and prominent naive painter.

During his life he played dozens of roles in theater, television and especially in film. Nevertheless, his extraordinarily earthy and distinctive artistic expression and characteristic acting style predetermined him especially for comic and even parody roles. Unforgettable remains among other things, his role in the smelly Grimpe performance in the Brdečková musical piece Lemonade Joe or horse opera , which he then repeated and in the eponymous film (a trio of film villains were played with him when Waldemar Matuška and Karel Effa ). He has played many similar, distinctive characters from the people, and has also starred in the popular TV series Chalupáři and other television films. He is also known as a naive painter who often portrays themes from the world of theater, variety show, circus and art in general. His naivist paintings today adorn many of the renowned galleries.



Josef Hlinomaz


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