Pšurný Josef

* 15.06.1918 Uherský Ostroh + 21.7.2003 Uherský Ostroh Places of residence: Uherský Ostroh; Uherské Hradiště; Zlín; Brno Studies: 1946 - 1950 School of Arts and Crafts, Brno He was inspired by the environment of Uherský Ostroh and its surroundings. He also painted portraits, figurative painting and still lifes. Josef Pšurný's work was dominated by oil and watercolor techniques. Author exhibitions: Individual: 1989/01 - 1989/02 Josef Pšurný: Selection from a Painting Work, Gallery of Fine Arts in Hodonín, Hodonín (Hodonín) 2005/02/03 - 2005/04/03 Josef Pšurný: From a Painting Work / 1918 - 2003 /, Slovácko Museum, Uherské Hradiště (Uherské Hradiště) Collective 1971/05/14 - 1971/07/15 Retrospective exhibition of artists of the Gottwald region on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party, House of Arts, Zlín (Zlín) 1985/04/09 - 1985 / 05/12 Visual Artists of the South Moravian Region: Exhibition dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Army, House of Arts of the City of Brno, Brno (Brno-město) 1990/04/24 - 1990/06/24 Salon of Artists of South-East Moravia, Zlín (Zlín), Zlín (Zlín) 1990/07/05 - 1990/09/16 Salon of Artists of South-East Moravia, Max Švabinský Memorial, Kroměříž (Kroměříž) 2008/07 - 2008/08 Exhibition of three natives of Ostrož - Josef Pšurný, Zdeněk Galuška, František bezděk, Zámecká gallery, Uherský Ostro h (Uherské Hradiště) Participation in auctions: 2012/12/13 28th auction, Topičův salon (2007-), Prague


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