Valter Karel

February 17, 1909, České Budějovice - November 17, 2006, Tábor Teacher, painter, graphic designer, member of SČVU. One of the most important Czech painters.

Karel Valter worked diligently up to his high age. The professional critique of his work from the pre-war period is considered to be unique in Czech art for their direction to constructive composition, to the field of visual poetry and surrealistic imagination. In post-war creation, Valter's characteristic feature is a very distinctive landscape painting. His paintings contain a number of very complex concepts, their strong effect is given by the clarity of each statement with consistent color contrasts, the dramatic effect of the image is often achieved by overturning the customary order. In the early 1960s his first tempery and very impressive drawings and graphics were created. But the center of Valt's work was still an oil painting on canvas.



Karel Valter


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