Inthonkaew La

Painter, author of art brut, born in Thailand in 1980 or 1981. She lives in Prague.

La was born in a small jungle village in central Thailand in 1980 or 1981. She has Thai citizenship but her ancestors also came from Burma, Laos and China. Her dad was a shaman, his uncle was a renowned Buddhist monk worshiped for his miraculous abilities, and women in her family were traditionally midwives. She attended La's school for only four years, commuting to the village center from her home farm on the back of her favorite water buffalo, and from school always escaped through the window before the end of her class because she was bored there. After the father's tragic death, the family fell apart and at the age of eleven, La found herself alone with two little brothers she had to care for, while living in the jungle as a hunter and gatherer to survive for the next two years. Later, La went through a series of manual jobs - she worked as a construction worker, cook, cleaning lady, masseuse and beach umbrella owner. La has three children, giving birth to her first daughter when she was fifteen, and at thirty-three she was a double grandmother. In 2004, when she was visiting a family on Phuket, she almost died in a tsunami, but at the same time, her traumatic experience fully opened her painting skills. La started painting in her childhood in the Thai countryside, using every piece of paper she found and making mud and plant paints herself. She had never received any art training and had never been interested in art as such. However, in 2010 she began painting her boyfriend's oil paints on canvas, and this technique has since become her favorite medium. La paints with obsession and sometimes creates more images in one day. It is possible to see Czech and Thai realities in them and sometimes there is a hint of shamanic insights into other dimensions of reality. In addition to humans, animals, plants and fungi, especially toadstools, appear in her creation. He keeps coming back to his self-portraits. She likes painting in her kitchen, settled in the Thai traditional way on the ground. She often paints late at night because she claims she has never been able to adapt to Central European time.


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