Vodičková - Makovská Marta A.

* 1939 in Holešov

She graduated from an industrial graphic school. She worked as a technical - art editor in a medical publishing house, then as an independent artist. She has been exhibiting her paintings of flowers and landscape themes regularly since 1977 and since 1989 as a member of the then Czech Fund of Fine Artists.

Her landscape study trips repeatedly went to Georgia in 1984 and 1987, as well as to the Greek islands from 1997 to 2012, from where she has numerous collections of watercolors and temper. She often worked at work in the Vysočina region around Budislav, and Svojanov, in Wallachia in Rusava and Mikulůvka, where she also exhibited.

In recent years, she has moved from Prague to the Central Bohemian countryside.
He mainly paints pictures of flowers and annually exhibits his work with a group of regional artists.


Marta A. Vodičková - Makovská


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