Baborák Milan

Borne June 26, 1924, Krásné Březno, Ústí nad Labem (Ústí nad Labem), Czech Republic (Czech Republic) Died November 19, 1997, Prague, Czech Republic (Czech Republic) painter, graphic artist, restorer, typographer Exhibitions 1969 2. Prague Salon 1969 Painting 69 (National Exhibition of Contemporary Painting) 1971 Painters on the Road (Part II) 1974 Slovak National Uprising in the Works of Czech and Slovak Fine Artists 1978 Art of the Victorious People (Exhibition of Contemporary Czechoslovak Fine Art on the 30th Anniversary of Victorious February) 1985 Confession of Life and Peace (Exhibition of Czechoslovak Fine Art on the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Army) 1987 Paintings and Sculptures (Exhibition of Prague Members of the Union of Czech Fine Artists) 1988 Salon of Prague Fine Artists ´88


Milan Baborák

Ohře meanders in the Pístevecký forest near Budyně

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