Kvita Pavlína

Pavlína Kvita graduated from the sculptural studio of Lukáš Rittstein at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her long-term interest is the topic of suburbanization, which implements its problematic and structured chaos into sculptural-visual expression. Fascinating with permanent records and indelible traces of human existence for her creates a fertile creative field that man cultivates by himself by what he does. Her work does not directly criticize the state of affairs, but seeks to convey a topic that currently seems to be one of the essentials. It sees importance in the beauty of the moment, because the passing of things is done for one simple reason. It makes life meaningful.
- "Watch the moments that are dying."


Source: pramstudio.cz


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Pavlína Kvita


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Pavlína Kvita


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Pavlína Kvita

POSTkrajina II

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