Skála Tomáš

He comes from Mariánské Lázně, but he graduated and now lives and works in Prague. His work reflects themes closely related to the search for human identity in the world of growing entropy. Exploring archetypes and updating their forms gradually becomes their own expression, which is sometimes romantic, sometimes mythical, but subversive, however, often disturbing. To express the idea, he often uses the inner space of the statue, forming a certain tension relationship with the outside.

The artist's incoherent position is balanced by the parts that come from joint projects going beyond design, architecture and sculpture in the public space. An example of this can be a sightseeing pier created within the "Re: Vodňany" or a monument of Raka, which also towers in Vodňany.
In his work we can experience feelings of astonishment, visual fullness, wealth, and a certain kind of sentiment over something that has passed or in the current world extinct.



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