Bláha Václav

One of the most important Czech artists, painter and grafic art designer

Czech TV abou Blaha:

Vaclav Blaha was born April 1, 1949 in Prague. He studied "Secondary School of Arts Václav Hollar" in Prague and then Academy with Professor Paderlik. in his work uses works with light and shadow and inspires the world he sees around him. Noteworthy is his penchant for painting the structure. The creation dominates figurative painting.

Vaclav Blaha exhibited in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, the USA, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, England, France.

His works are represented in the collections of the National Gallery in Prague and the World Bank in Washington in the regional galleries in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in private collections in home country and abroad. Notable are also its realization in public space.


Václav Bláha


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