Sychra Vladimir

Czech painter, illustrator, graphic artist and pedagogue of the first half of the 20th century.

Vladimir Sychra, the son of an academic painter, graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts under the direction of Max Švabinský. During World War II, he worked at the Academy of Fine Arts and at the Mánes School, which he actually co-founded. The peak of his work lies in landscapes and portraits, which differed with their grim themes and the display of socially marginalised people. An important milestone of his work was the Illustration of Bel Ami by the French naturalist writer Guy de Maupassant. The work of Vladimír Sychra can be found in the National Gallery in Prague, in the Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava or in the Moravian Gallery in Brno.


Vladimir Sychra

Three matrons

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