Popelka Vojtech Hynek

Vojtěch Hynek Popelka devoted himself to landscape painting, but specialized in painting animals.

Painter and graphic artist Vojtěch Hynek Popelka (1888-1971) was a pupil of professors E. Dítěk and Jaksch at the School of Applied Arts in Prague, and in 1911-1912 at the Academy of Fine Arts under Professor Schwaiger. He devoted himself to landscape painting, but mainly specialized in animal painting. He lived and worked in Paris for a long time. At home, he organized exhibitions in Topič's salon and in the Rubeš Gallery. He illustrated Brehm's Animal Life. It is represented mainly in the collections of the Municipal Museum in Jindřichův Hradec, in the Gallery in Pilsen and in the Municipal Museum in Náchod.


Vojtech Hynek Popelka

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