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Milan Nápravník

Inversion K1-014A

Price 40,000 CZK
Price in € 1,537 EUR

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Technique black and white photography
Signature Signed in the middle (60x50 cm photo)
Dimensions 50 x 60 cm
Condition perfect
Provenance Author's estate - the work was obtained directly from the author's studio. Certificate of authenticity of the estate administrator.
Note The published photo is a scan of negative, taken by the author. The original bromo-silver photograph taken by the author in the format 50 x 60 - or 17.5 x 25 (price on request) may vary slightly in detail in the cut.
Dated 80s - 90s of the last century


From the "Invert" cycle

It is one of the unique series of Art photography pictures, which originated in the original method of symmetrical mirroring of a particular building, often bark of trees, boulders, rocks, and the like. The result is a new reality that allows you to look into the world of mysteries, demons, magical and mysterious subconscious ...