Trbušek Adam

The main subject of sculptural and spatial work by Adam Trbušek is the existential collision of man with social reality.

The essence of the author's work is criticism with which he attempts to address the tensions that arise from this conflict.

The re-motif of Trebušek's works is a toy that the artist understands as an attribute of the world of media, commercials and popular culture. Its innocence masks the power in which these social phenomena seek to attract individuals. This is a human figure, often referring to classical pieces and themes, which are then confronted with a toy.

Trbušek does not understand his work exclusively as a social critique, but also as a reflection of different positions of human rationality, morality and ethics.

Adam Trbušek is a student of a Master's degree program at the Faculty of Design and Art of Ladislav Sutnar at the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň (Program "Statue and Space" by Jiří Beránek).



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