Szczyglinski Henrik

* January 19,1881, Lodž, Poland † September 24, 1944, Warsaw, Poland Polish painter, graphic artist

One of the most interesting representatives of the so-called Krakow Landscape School.

In 1898-99 he studied at the private schools of S. Grocholský and A. Ažbý in Munich and in 1899-04 and 1906-07 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków under the guidance of J. Malczewski, T. Axentowicz, L. Wyczółkowski and J. Stanisławski, who had the strongest influence on him.

For the cabaret Zielony Balonik "he was the author of posters and invitations. He served in the legions during the First World War.

From 1917 he lived permanently in Warsaw.

From 1918 he belonged to the association "Sztuka" and from 1921 to 2525 he was the president of the Warsaw Art Society.

Painted landscapes, nights, architectural views. He was also the author of paintings, drawings and sketches about legionnaires, incl. portraits of soldiers.

He dealt with graphics, especially color lithography.

He perished during the Warsaw Uprising.


Henrik Szczyglinski


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