Tytykalo Jakub

Jakub Tytykalo graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Graphics Studio Jiří Lindovský. During his studies, he trained in the drawing studio of Jiří Petrbok, the sculpture studio of Jaroslav Rona, and visited the Painting Studio at the University of Madrid within the framework of the Erasmus program.

The time of his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts is marked by the search for a visual language and a form suitable for expressing different relationships and thought flows. Recently, he has developed the subject of thinking towards the subconscious and its penetration into the outer reality: he observes the expressions and gestures that penetrate the depth from the depths below the level of conscious behavior. Diaries, hidden meanings and links, dreams, visions, situations, and human torsion metamorphosed in a bizarre collage blend in drawings. Linking the theme of the physical and intangible nature of the world refers to the common origin of things, the illusory nature of matter, and other layers of consciousness.


Source: pramstudio.cz


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