Jelínek Jiri (Remo)

1901-1941 Painter and draftsman.

He studied at the Academy in Prague at Vlaha Bukovac and Jakub Obrovský. He met Toyen and Jindřich Štyrský on the Adriatic in 1922. He exhibited in Devětsil. Educated in Paris at Fr. Kupky. Similarly to Toyen, he used the nickname Remo (he thought it himself), which he briefly featured in Devětsil, but later returned to his original name. Jelinek became one of the representatives of abstract painting and subsequently an important personality of the Kvart group. He became a member of the group Abstraction - Creátion (Hans Arp, Piet Mondrian, Kandinsky and others). He has successfully exhibited with this company. Influenced by Derain and Japanese drawing. Formed until 1938 an abstract composition. He also painted workers, factories, women's faces and still-life. He is one of the most important painters of the interwar period. He died in Mathausen.


Jiri (Remo) Jelínek

Still life with jug and fruit

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