Roztočilová Magdaléna

Magdalena Roztočilová went through the study of painting and sculpture at the Academy of Performing Arts under the guidance of Jaroslav Róna and passed an internship with Kristen Kinter and Florian Reither (Gelitin). Among her greatest contemporary performances are the sculptures Delichorn (Selb, Germany) and the Memorial to the Victims of Communism (Boskovice). She is a founding member of the studio of Work in which she devotes her own free creation and performs sculpture.

She is devoted mainly to sculpture works with overlapping installations. Essential is not only shape and matter, but also color and material. Thematically, in her work she deals primarily with the representation of man and representations of his thought processes in the form of the physical body. The recurring motif of her work is portraits; especially stylized self-portraits, which are always unrepeatable moments different from others. The overriding theme of her work has been to find different forms of reality through the search for her own form.



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