Kožíšek Petr

* 6. 11. 1972 in Karlovy Vary Czech painter

Petr Kožíšek, a graduate of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (Studio of Visual Communication, doc. J. David; Painting Studio II, Prof. V. Skrepl), can be included among the prominent personalities of the youngest Czech painting. The author approaches the painting through a concept, but at the same time preserves the lively painterly expression of his outputs as well as the content message linked to the forms and morphology used. Works with figural stylization, improvisation, abbreviation and quotations. It uniquely incorporates lethal elements (text) into the context of the image. He often experiments with the form of the painting through unconventional painting techniques and procedures, which he explores and improves directly on the emerging work. He emphasizes the author's distance from the emerging painting with impersonal painterly handwriting - pouring paint on the surface, gesturing with paint, engraving into the surface, calculating with randomly emerging shapes, relaxed drawing, minimal color or drawing modeling, etc. figurative and abstract, the two positions complementing each other and overlapping in places. He spontaneously creates pictorial thematic files and series, the development of which can be traced back to the original starting point, which usually takes place in the author's own experience.

Petr Vanous

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Petr Kožíšek


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