Janda Rudolf

Rudolf Janda (September 26, 1907, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm - September 26, 2000, Ostrava) was a Czech photographer specializing in landscape photography, especially the Mionší forest

Life and work

In 1926 he graduated from the Carnot Lyceum in Dijon (together with his friend Jiří Voskovec ) and then from the Law Faculty of Charles University in Prague. He has been photographing since the late 1920s, accepting the avant-garde thoughts of Werner Graeff and the aesthetics of new materiality . This is illustrated by the composition of lights and shadows, as well as works from Spain and England. [1] As the first photographer in the 1930s, he discovered the magic of the Mionší forest for the public. [2] [3] In addition to Janda, Josef Sudek and Petr Helbich also photographed the forest.

In 1943 the doctor and photographer Petr Helbich met Rudolf Janda Prales' book in the Beskydy Mountains . The book strongly influenced his first attempts with a camera, which he received from his father in 1946. During his university studies he met Rudolf Janda and accompanied him during photography in Slovakia.



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