Karel Trinkewitz

Czech painter, designer, collage and writer.

* August 23, 1931 in Mechezi, died on 14 or 15 March 2014.

Czech and later German artist and author.

He spent a substantial part of his life in Hamburg. He was a friend of Václav Havel.

Magazine Týden:

"For Trinkewitz, he was very active in anti-regime actions, he worked in a circle of experimental poets about Jiří Kolář and Josef Hiršal, and he contacted a number of dissidents and sent Vaclav Havel to the prison a collage postcard with anti-state themes. Security and after the signing of Charter 77, the StB was chosen as an adept for the so-called Asanace Action "

And to the exhibition at the Kampa Museum:

"The Museum of Kampa, with the current exhibition, tries to present a selection from the work of this Czech-German poet and artist, who in the Czech Republic remains so widely known to the public so far, and can see the early works of surrealism, assemblage and collage, to be honored by great personalities Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, and Yves Klein, or the abstract geometric images he exhibited with the "Konkretisté" Club.


Trinkewitz Karel

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